Important Tips on Vaping Batteries

There are many reasons why you should get the right battery when it comes to vaping. Some of these reasons are:


Safety should be the first consideration when it comes to vaping. Batteries are electrical storage devices that can cause serious damage if they are operated improperly. Never attempt to alter or modify a battery in any way.

Spend money to save money

Since batteries are the most important aspect of the vaping system, you should spend less to get the right fit. Spending some extra cash to get the best quality batteries, irrespective the features is a better and safe way to get a breathtaking vaping experience.

Dialable Power

Static batteries versus variable charge are actually a personal choice. However, the majority of people experience better vaping and better results using better quality variable batteries. Some fluids perform better and taste better at slightly worse or better-controlled power outflow. Variable charge batteries have the ability to adjust power outflow enabling you to get a better taste.

Does battery size matters?

Yes, size does matter. It’s recommended to select the right size specified for your device. In some instances, many small batteries can be used to fit on the device. However, battery stacking should be avoided completely because it leads to an increase in batteries voltage that can eventually lead to battery or device failure.

Battery safety basics

Do not overcharge
Do not short circuit
Do not allow the batteries to touch other metallic items
Do not dispose of the batteries in fire

Types of Batteries

Aspire Battery

Aspire battery features a metal button, stainless steel endpoints, and a spring connector. These unique features ensure that there is a strong connection between the e-cigarette tank and the battery. It has an output voltage of 4.2 volts that gives the user a warm and powerful vape full of flavor.

CF Max Battery

This battery has a metal button, carbon fiber coated tube and stainless steel endpoints. It has 5-50w wattage system that provides enough power for various resistance atomizers.

Kangertech Battery

When fully charged it can be used for about 300 times and can support atomizer approximately 600 puffs in just one circle. It has a capacity of 650mAh and an input of 4.2 volts.


Buying the right battery is the only way to make sure you stay safe while you experience an awesome vaping. Batteries come in all sizes and shapes as well as the cost. Do not worry because there is always the right battery available for an awesome vaping experience.